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Turbow Draw Stop - Stop
Turbow Draw Stop - Stop
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Turbow Draw Stop
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Because students come in so many different sized and body shapes it is impossible to set a draw length on the bow as every student has a different draw length.

Students are taught to draw the bow back to a specific marker like fingers on the chin or something similar, but there is nothing tactile to tell the student when that mark is reached, and, depending on changes in the student's stance, the same mark will produce a different draw length.

The Turbow Draw Stop (Patent Pending) solves this problem.

A scale with draw lengths is attached to the cam on the bow. A moveable stop is mounted quickly and easily on the cam, moved to the appropriate draw length and locked down.

Now, when a student draws the bow, regardless of stance, the bow will reach a wall when the set draw length is reached and the bow cannot be drawn any further.

The Turbow Draw Stop can be easily and quickly adjusted to any draw length within the range of the bow.

When a student used the Turbow Draw Stop in training, the student develops accurate muscle memory and trains the muscles and the brain to always draw the bow to exactly the same draw length. While the Turbow Draw Stop cannot be used in competitions and is easily removed to allow for this, the muscle memory and training remains and consistency from shot to shot is greatly improved.

Schools that use the Turbow Draw Stop have shown increases in student scores in the 25% range. This is a significant boost and is the difference between win inning and losing.

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